Times Tables Rock Stars

We are loving Times Tables Rock Stars! The children enjoyed having a practise in our Friday games morning. Make sure you are practising at home so that the children can build up their scores, the children will move onto the next timetable when the system recognises that the children are competent at the times table they are practising.


In science, we learned all about germs. We used glitter to show how quickly germs can spread diseases. We then tried to get rid of the ‘germs’ with just paper towels, just water and then soap and water.

We found that the best way to get rid of germs is to use soap and water.

I wonder if the children can tell you how to wash their hands so that they are hygienic?

Music with Mrs Watkinson

Today, we had our second music session with Mrs Watkinson. The question of the week was “Can you make rhythm sequences?”
We made different rhythm sequences and then performed the sequences by clapping the pattern or using various instruments.

The children were so brilliant at remembering the names of all of the instruments they used last week. I wonder if they can tell you all about the instruments they used?